Ode To Rupi Kaur

‘It’s not just the words you speak

It’s the feelings they evoke

That get me’


I had the pleasure of attending ‘An Evening With Rupi Kaur’ at the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver this week. 

Rupi Kaur performed readings of select poems from her new book ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ and it was just magical. Her ability to captivate her audience and hold their attention with her soft, singsong voice was art in itself. 

She was also really funny. For some reason I didn’t expect that but it was so refreshing to see her break from her poems and give comical snippets of how some of her poems came about.

Her readings gave me goosebumps and it stirred the long resting poet in me to write again.

Thank you Rupi Kaur. 

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