Vegan’ism’ Made Easy

T-2 days until Veganuary begins.

The last 2 months I have been able to switch back to being vegetarian/almost vegan so I look forward to fully committing (foodwise) to ‘Veganism’ by January.

Let’s be honest, it’s definitely not convenient being vegan. I wish it was. 

I wish I could go to one place and know that every decision, purchase, and choice was automatically cruelty free. Wouldn’t that just be wonderful? Like a mall for Vegans!!

Our life decisions in this day and age are based on convenience. It’s just the truth. So how amazing would it be that we could just make being vegan a convenience?!

Ive learned that being vegan takes much thought, research and work. 

Work to make good wholesome meals that taste good, research to know where your money should go and thought towards how to slowly make this a thoughtless habit.

Being vegan is also expensive for the generation that still wants to be considered fashionable and is always on the go.

Not everyone has time to research food let alone makeup, clothing, and housewares that are cruelty free. 

There are many sites out there but they are more catered to food choices. Which is great, but animals are still being slaughtered for their skin, bones for so many different industries besides food.

How can we make it convenient? 

I hope to research and share my favorite recipes, restaurants, brands, fashion so going vegan can be a bit more easy peasy!

My goal is to make it convenient…without thought, because it’s that thought of research and work that makes it so overwhelming that it’s easier to just go back to old habits.

I was vegetarian for almost 25 years and then started eating meat because of iron deficiency and concerns of protein sources. Really someone should have just told me that I was a bad/lazy vegetarian because that’s really what it was. 

I am now vegetarian again and educating myself on being a good one, day by day, and as I do that I find myself being in the ‘vegan for beginners’ department.

So here begins that journey.

Will you be participating in the veganuary challenge?


  1. I’ve been vegetarian my whole life save for a short span of 3 years as a child where I tried my own thing. Been a vegan for about 4 months now and really enjoying it! But I’ve recently come to appreciate how difficult it is in some countries! In the U.K. it is so easy to buy vegan, but since living in Italy for university I’ve realised it’s a lot harder. They have tofu and seitan burgers and things but the UK is vegan heaven in comparison 😳 Good luck by the way!!

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    • Thank you! I agree, in some countries it’s not the easiest option. My trip to Italy I was able to easily make vegetarian choices but vegan was much harder.
      As I transition back to it here in Canada, I’ve found it’s definitely gotten easier and there is now finally an abundance of options to keep vegan!

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      • New things keep being released in the UK which is great! I hope it’s the same for you ❤️ I think the main problem for me in Italy is that I don’t drive there so I can’t just go ‘ok I’ll go to that supermarket today to buy that’ whereas I can do that here, pick and choose!
        Hopefully in the next few years it will become easier everywhere 😄

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