Vegan Thai Red Curry

So, yesterday I had a little under 2 hours to quickly whip up a good meal inbetween an airport drop off and a massage appointment. I had previously come across the @minimalistbaker coconut red Thai curry recipe and luckily already had most of the ingredients and thought I’d give it a try. 

We had taken a cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand with full intentions of recreating our meals when we got back home. Almost 2 years later I put that into action. Whoops!

I opted for some of the substitutes mentioned on the site (mushrooms instead of eggplant) and as an alternative I used the tofu in my fridge rather than the chickpeas. 

Sometimes I get deterred with the recipes thinking it’s going to be this big ordeal but I was just so surprised how simple and easy this recipe was and that the ingredients were real food instead of processed ingredients that are so easy to go to when you’re in a hurry. This vegan Thai curry turned out so delicious!

With 25 minutes to spare I had this recipe simmering on my stovetop. And my place smelled so good!

I’m definitely going to try it again with the original recipe posted (eggplant, bamboo shoots & chickpeas) because the curry sauce was so flavourful! 

Not mentioned in the recipe, but I squeezed a whole lime into it for that tanginess I love about Thai food and also garnished it with oregeno and chopped green onions!

Yum! Vegan food for the win!

Recipe can be found here: 

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