Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

I’m usually not a creamy pasta person, but I was oddly craving it recently so decided to attempt a vegan version.

A made a quick trip to Antony & Sons (Vegan Supply) this passed weekend to see what they had for cream cheese options. I grabbed the @kitehillfoods plain cream cheese for the Alfredo base (definitely not cheap but always has good reviews) and substituted zoodles for the fettuccine to keep it low carb!

The zoodles I had prepped the night before so it was really quick to throw thus meal together!

Recipe for dairy-free alfredo sauce:

-Drizzle olive oil in pan

-add 5 cloves garlic, minced (I recently purchased a garlic press which has made this process so quick)

-next add 1 diced medium yellow onion and let saute for 7-8 minutes (until brown)

– chop 5 button mushrooms and add to pan

-once the mushrooms are cooked and coated add the kitehill cream cheese (I used almost all of it, kept 2 tbsp for my coworker to try as she loves cream cheese!)

-slowly as you break down the cream cheese add a nutmilk of your choice (I just used my califia farms almond milk) until you reach a consistency you desire for your sauce. I kept it a little to the thick side to add to my slightly watery zoodles later)

-stir in salt (I used Himalayan pink salt), black pepper, chilli flakes, and oregeno to taste

-let simmer for 7-10 minutes stiring occasionally

– in a seperate sauce pan saute a desired serving size of zoodles for 2 minutes and then add some of the sauce mixture

-once the zoodles are coated (about 1-2 minutes) plate in desired dish

-garnish with your veggies of choice (pictures sliced roma tomatoes and green onions) and enjoy

I wish I could share a bite of it with you via social media because then you’ll 💯 agree on how freaking delicious it is! A lot of garlic was harmed in the process and a lot of tastebuds were delighted! 💚🌱

Let me know how it turns out for you.

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