Living with a non-Vegan

Living with a non-vegan is no easy task and as I make changes, he is accidentally making very small strides to being cruelty free as well.

I don’t tell him that the new cheese he’s now raving about is made out of cashews. I just buy more of it and keep it stocked so he’s not looking for the other cheese.

I’m sure you’ve had a conversation with a meat-eater about how you’re ‘missing out’ and ‘meat is good for you’ and when you list all vegan food sources that match their protein/iron concerns the rebuttal always comes down to taste?

‘You’re missing out, it tastes so good’. And really the only reason they are not trying the food is because you told them it’s vegan. Really that’s all it is! They just assume it’s going to taste awful.

That’s my life. So I figure if it’s just about taste, I’ll give them taste without them knowing it’s cruelty free. It’s sad that it’s what it comes down to, but let it be. Most people don’t go to the grocery store and wonder how their meat got there and what other ingredients are in it, they are buying it for taste. And let’s be real, vegan food really does taste great when it’s done right. There are so many options out there!! I’m not always successful with him eating a vegan or even vegetarian meal but small changes go a long way!

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